Only a short drive from Sydney experience Wollongong

Wollongong city in New South Wales is easily accessible from Sydney. It is a multi-ethnic city and is famously known as ‘the Gong’. Its name is synonymous with pristine beaches, breathtaking coastlines, beautiful parks, industries and coal mines. The meaning of the word Wollongong is believed to be ‘the sound of the waves’ in the native language.

The influx of settlers in the 1800s was followed by rapid town-building. The settlers came from all over the world- Britain, Greece, Italy, China and India, bringing their culture and festivals. Today, these immigrants, along with the native Aborigines, form a very vibrant society.

The city has several miles of breath-taking coastline and beaches. Its pristine beaches are legendary. They are the hubs of activity during the scorching summer. People indulge in all kinds of sports like swimming, fishing and surfing. The other summer hangouts include the various parks in the city like the MacCabe park and the Botanical Gardens. Their cool shade provides the walkers and joggers relief from the summer heat.


The light houses are must-visit on the to-do list. Some of the buildings like the old lighthouse, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Courthouse are heritage buildings. They are of historical as well as architectural importance and interest. A group of islands called he Five Islands are located off the city’s coast and they serve as a rich eco-hub with hundreds of species of wildlife.

The city has a vibrant social scene with all kinds of shows, folk festivals and sporting events. The Illawara folk festival is one such event where the shows are so popular that huge crowds throng the city. Other performing arts festivals like Viva la Gong are held yearly as mediums to showcase the city’s rich culture.

Another important thread in the fabric of Gong society is art. The beauty and scenic locales inspire the artists to create wonderful masterpieces that adorn the walls of some really fabulous galleries. The arts and crafts of the region draw heavily from the native Aboriginal culture. The city also has much to offer in terms of entertainment at the Performing Arts Centre, WIN Entertainment Centre for sporting events and its other malls, nightclubs and quaint cafes.

The city’s location on the coast serves as a blessing as it enjoys pleasant breezes throughout the year. However the summers, for the same reason, can be scorching, with temperatures as high as 35 degrees and a few times, they have known to have even touched the lower forties. Thankfully, the summer weather is interspersed with soft breezes. It is also common to have slight rainfall almost throughout the year. The city can easily be reached from Sydney by road, rail and air.

The residents display the famous Australian passion for sports and outdoor activities. Popular activities include surfing, mountain climbing and biking. People sharing these passion will have a very enjoyable vacation here. It is as ideal for a family holiday as for a personal break. Wollongong is at its best during the summer when all the festivals, events and activities are in full-swing.

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