Orange Australia is a great choice for a sort break away

The glorious extinct volcano Mt. Canobolas is the setting for the city of Orange. The name Canobolas means twin shoulders or twin heads in native aboriginal language. The city has spectacular views and wonderful ambiance that one can greatly enjoy.

A rush of people found gold in this place and it grew the town as people tried to found their fortune. This occurred in early eighteen hundreds and after the gold the region became growers of pears, peaches, cherries, apricots, plums and lots of apples. While the name of the city implies that a specific fruit was grown here, in fact, the name came from people paying tribute to Prince Orange of Denmark.

With the amazing production of their fruit this region became so prolific that it produced ten percent of all the apples in Australia. The fruit still grows here and is used locally. The European nod its settlers has left a mark on the town itself as it has a certain European flavor and design to it. The town is like strolling down a cobblestone street in Europe.

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching seasons change. From the gorgeous leaves of the fall to the warmth of a summer day, this city has been called a colour city. Anytime of the year you can experience the beauty of the region and the love Mother Nature has shown here. Why not head here for a winter break and snuggle with your loved one while sipping hot chocolate. Or sit beside a lake and dangle your feet in cooling water as the sun beats down in the summer.


Because the proximity to Sydney is close it is a wonderful quick getaway spot. There are different festivals to enjoy especially the Food Festival that takes place in April. The Australia National Field Days is held here in October. This is an old agricultural fair that lets you see the history and wonder of products grown for food. This is one reason why the region has the distinction of being the Fruit Basket of Australia.

The town has a long history behind it that allows you to visit and learn while you enjoy a holiday. There is a place to pan for gold just like the settler did ages ago. Maybe you will find your fortune and can stay on a permanent vacation. Or you can simply walk the streets of the town and feel the ambiance that it offers.

Or spend some time breathing in cool, crisp, fresh air at the top of Mt. Canobolas. The hike there is gorgeous and exhilarating. Once atop the mountain take the scenery that lies below you. The man made Lake Canobolas gives you the opportunity to swim, camp, or simply lounge atop the water under a tranquil sky. With this region beauty abounds and you can find something to bring a smile to your lips.

The fruit growing is evident in over fifty vineyards growing around the area. Bringing the grapes in this fertile and agriculturally rich area is bringing a whole new type of attention to the town of Orange. There are so many tasting rooms that you can try every variety of wine available.

There are some good Orange hotels nsw options available so whether you have a long vacation or a short getaway the town of Orange will afford you all that you desire. Be active by hiking and swimming or simply wander through historic buildings and take in delicious food and wine. Whatever your choice a visit to Orange should be on your agenda.

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